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1. Who are we and who do we serve?

The District's purpose includes the promotion of community involvement and the physical and mental well-being of the community citizens. Our goal is to strengthen relationships between community members of dissimilar social, economic, gender, age, and racial backgrounds through recreational activity. The District provides various programs to community youth and adults. Those programs include art, athletics, drama, music, vocational, and other areas of social, education, business, and cultural enrichment.


2. Who can apply for funding?

Any organization, municipality, special district, or non-profit in Morrow County, OR can apply. 


3. What type of program or project qualifies for funding?

We fund programs and projects that support the recreational and cultural activities of Morrow County residents. Projects and programs in the past have included; City and county-wide public recreation and cultural celebrations and festivals, Music in the Park, visiting musicians and live entertainment, public theater, arts programs, public museum education programs, athletic programs, and more. 

In our formation documents, we state:  "The proposed district intends to provide various programs to community youth and adults including, but not limited to activities in the following areas: art, athletics, drama, music, vocational and other areas of social and cultural enrichment; and"

We do not fund programs that do not directly serve the wider public. 


4. How do I apply for an MCURD grant?

Please follow the instructions on the funding proposal request form. You can also find a sample Proposal Letter and Proposed Budget at How to Apply.


Do you still have some questions about who we are, or how to apply? Let us know at